All ye need to know…

Now, why would you want to know about one more stranger from the internet? I don’t know.

But anyway, hi!


My name is Xuemeng Li.

I am a London based Actress and filmmaker, assisting independent filmmakers as well as production companies with various needs.


I am also a writer-director working on my own projects.


I am….

spontaneous, warm, flexible, and fun.

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My childhood was spent in Inner Mongolia, China.

During teenage years I moved to California to attend boarding school at Idyllwild Arts Academy.

For uni I migrated to London, where I am currently based.


My life experience has given me a unique perspective on people, society and life itself.

I’ve officially finished with uni.

Acting is now my main focus, as I hunt for freelance jobs within the film industry.

Occasionally golfing.

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