The better hidden the author’s views, the better for the work of art. —Engels

Xuemeng Li - Actress & Filmmaker

Xuemeng Li - Actress & Filmmaker


Although mainly an actress, I make films as a writer-director in my spare time, collaborating with various independent filmmakers.

2021 Alumni of University of the Arts London, BA(Hons) Film Practice.

I also work with production companies as a runner, production assistant, and art department assistant.

Open to collaborations and bookings.

Appetite (2020) - NOW ON PAUS!!

Directed by Xuemeng Li, written by Sam Oats and produced by Katrin Kasper, Appetite (2020) is an award winning comedy short film about a woman who is a serial dine-and-dasher going on multiple dates…

Infiniti (2022) Canal+ in Kiev

I was casted in the upcoming Canal+ series Infiniti (2022), directed by Thierry Poiraud. We filmed in Kiev for three weeks in April 2021. It was an experience of a life time. The show is due to broadcast in February 2022.

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